Private Property Managers' Training and Support


We start supporting you immediately, with our Kickoff Meeting where we personalize your launch plan and schedule your introductory training, on-site training, and post-launch training. Your launch plan details the steps each of us will take to get you to your first client, your first billing cycle, and your first year of success.

At the kick-off meeting you will learn about the Second Home Care intranet, digital manuals, digital training, and communication tools. As you will see, each component of the Second Home Care franchise system is designed to maximize productivity and improve your ability to acquire, service, and retain your customers. You will immediately have access to this digital workspace and content and be able to hit the in-person training running.

Next, you’ll come to Tahoe for in-person training, where you’ll have ten plus days of hands-on training in Sales & Marketing, Administration, Leadership and Field Operations. We believe it is critical for you to know what you are asking your teams to do – from sales and client services to spa care and cleaning. Through a combination of classroom and field work you will learn our methods to perform the work, train your team, and manage your vendor partners.

Training Program

During your 5-day in-person training in Lake Tahoe, you’ll learn


  • Pre-Opening Plan: What you’ll need to do to have a Great Launch.
  • Leadership & People Development: How to build the right culture from Day One.
  • Team Recruitment : Steps and secrets to finding and retaining the best team in your market.
  • Sales & Marketing : Cover off on Pricing, lead generation and development of your elevator pitch.
  • Daily Operations: Combo of classroom and field ops will get you prepped for Day One and able to train your staff.
  • Tech Stack: Learn our technologies and be prepared for Client One.
All of your manuals and training materials are available digitally and mobile optimized so you and your team can refer back whenever, wherever!