The Story Behind Our Vacation and Rental Property Management Services

One partner for all your vacation home & guest needs

Second Home Care® was started in 1995 by Lake Tahoe realtors who were constantly being asked by their clients to look after the newly purchased property. We’ve grown substantially since then to help thousands of clients worry less and enjoy a higher return on their investment. The idea appeared from client requests. On one hand, vacation homes have long been great family investments and income generators for their owners. On the other hand, a long-standing issue had to be solved – caring for the property once the owners return to their primary residence.

The percent of second homeowners that RENT their homes has increased from 20% in 2000 to 80% in 2020 – creating a $30B vacation rental market. Many homeowners that were paying traditional Vacation Property Managers 30-40% of their rental revenues are moving to DIY marketing with AirBnB and VRBO – a process they can manage remotely. To keep renters happy, these owners require a lot of local services. Services like regular inspections, cleaning, handyman, Spa & pool care, groundskeeping and more. That’s where Second Home Care comes in.

We provide holistic professional home services for a flat membership fee and a la cart service pricing. For clients that rent their homes, that means eliminating revenue share and dramatically increasing owner profits. For family vacation homes and aging residents that need assistance, that means one call or click for all their home service needs.

Jonathan Luster


The company is all about helping people love where they live, work, play, and retire.

We decided to franchise because we believe that owner-operators will provide the best client service and local teams deserve the benefits of ownership.

In Tahoe, we work hard and play hard. In the last 12 months I’ve had more ski days, more backpacking days, and more fishing days then I had in my last 12 years at corporate. My goal to help more entrepreneurs “find their Tahoe” and live their best lives.