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  • Initial Investment $25,000 – $110,000
  • High Profit Margins
  • Territories Available
  • Exceptional Franchisee Training & Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Amazing locations available with low start-up and overhead
  • Technology driven Operations tools simplify your client onboarding and team management
  • Term of Agreement - 5 years 

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Second Home Care can drive a tremendous amount of value to an existing home services business or cleaning oriented business. 

As a Franchisee of Second Home Care, you will bring needed vacation property services to  Cape Cod, MA. Our model expands professional property services beyond the rental homes, which doubles your potential client base. Recurring Revenue model lets you build client relationships instead of chasing the next job. By making second home ownership easy, members have more services done and stay with you for years. 

The Second Home Care provides you with best-in-class field management, client service operations, precise marketing & reliable technology all come together to create an incredible client experience.

Economy Overview

Annual Visitors (millions) 5
# Potential Client Homes in our database (Sept. 2021) 46,698
Active AirBnb / VRBO rentals* 4,250
Cape Cod County: % of Homes >$500k 30.5%
Cape Cod County: Total County Homes for seasonal, recreational, or occasional use 62,705

Median household income in Inner Cape Cod Towns & Barnstable Town City PUMA, MA is $77,235. 

The economy of Inner Cape Cod Towns & Barnstable Town City PUMA, MA employs 61k people. The largest industries in Inner Cape Cod Towns & Barnstable Town City PUMA, MA are Construction (5,020 people), Restaurants & Food Services (4,522 people), and Elementary & secondary schools (3,591 people), and the highest paying industries are Employment services ($161,942), Securities, commodities, funds, trusts & other financial investments ($146,049), and Investigation & security services ($131,016).

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