Second Home Care® Snapshot

As a Franchisee of Second Home Care, you will bring needed vacation property services to your territory. Homeowners will depend on you, and you will be their #1 choice in your market.

Our flat fee model can save thousands of dollars per month for clients that rent their homes out:

  • Traditional vacation property managers charge 30-40% of rental revenue, which adds up quick on a $500 per night home.
  • Homeowners are quickly gravitating to marketing their properties through Airbnb, VRBO, and other low-cost marketing firms.
  • Second Home Care becomes their reliable, local team that can inspect, maintain, clean and service their vacation home, ensuring it is always guest ready.

Our model expands professional property services beyond the rental homes, which doubles your potential client base:

  • Family vacation homes and compounds that are not rented out are not welcome in typical property portfolios. We provide these clients the same high-level services to ensure their homes are cared for and always ready for their next visit.
  • Many busy homeowners or aging-in-place clients prefer to outsource. We help them simplify home maintenance and eliminate their do-it-yourself workload with one partner for all their home needs.

We simplify owning a vacation home and create multiple revenue streams:

  • When clients sign up, you become their automatic choice for all home services, like Amazon Prime for home service. Your revenue increases and you decide which services to insource or outsource.
  • By making second home ownership easy, members have more services done and stay with us for years. You’ll focus on client relationships instead of constantly marketing for your next job.

Second Home Care’s best-in-class field management, client service operations, precise marketing & reliable technology all come together to create an incredible client experience. Contact us now to launch in your dream location.

REASONS TO JOIN Second Home Care

The people we want

You’ll find us a bit exclusive. You don’t need a specialized background, but you do need to bring something special to the table: the innate desire to create real, positive opportunities for yourself, your family, and your teams.

Second Home Care can drive a tremendous amount of value to an existing home services business or cleaning oriented business. As an already established services contractor, you can add additional streams of recurring revenue with the proven systems and brand-backing of Second Home Care.

Second Home Care can create a synergistic investment for realtors that want to build a sustainable, saleable business while leveraging their built-in networks and professional level understanding of the home market.

But, while industry experience is always helpful, it is not required. Our processes, training, technology and support makes it possible for experienced entrepreneurs & corporate managers to feel confident investing in a Second Home Care franchise.

We are looking for people who are savvy enough to recognize the growth opportunities in this industry, and who will fit our culture of work hard play hard in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

“We’re still at the beginning,” says Jonathan Luster, President. “That’s really attractive for your market selection and ability to build relationships with the leadership team as we shape the future of the vacation rental service market.”

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